Founder and Director , We Mean Business, London

Lesley Bambridge

Lesley Bambridge built her marketing career managing some of the UK's biggest household brands (Lucozade, Ferrero Rocher, Aquafresh) which was where she developed her passion for building brands and creating compelling stories to engage consumers. After 12 years, Lesley left the corporate world to set up We Mean Business, London, a marketing consultancy dedicated to helping Women & Entrepreneurs build their brands (that’s what the We stands for in We Mean Business, London). Marketing is the creating and selling stories, outdoing the competition and creating brand loyalty; and an important part of building a successful startup brand is building the story of the entrepreneur behind it.  Lesley is passionate about helping those who have a great idea and the will to put themselves out there and succeed. Her vast knowledge and experience of marketing brands can be applied to your business to help you create a sustainable brand and business strategy, and having managed budgets and marketing campaigns large and small, Lesley is the perfect person to help you see all the potential marketing opportunities you have as an entrepreneur to help you grow your business. 

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