Poet, social activist, influencer

Karl Lokko

Karl Lokko is a London-based poet, social activist, influencer and church minister. He grew up in an estate in South London, and was exposed to the challenges of living in an inner city urban environment. In his early 20’s, he started turning his life around and has been able to harness his life experiences to become a well respected activist and influencer within the U.K. Karl’s gift is his oratory skills with a rare ability to connect with people on a human level, granting him undoubtedly the role of bridging worlds and uniting communities. Karl’s messages draw on his life experience to make bold statements about social inequality, transformation and envisioning a collective destiny. He is also a poet, musician, freelance writer, and public speaker who utilises his talents through these channels to articulate his message, views and opinions to the general public, including a youth audience otherwise hard to reach by traditional means. Karl often presents a hybrid of oratory mixed with poetry to captivate and take his audience on a journey and has performed at various prestigious events throughout the city to everyone from youth workers to royalty. Karl Lokko has a pragmatic yet optimistic approach to the future and enjoys bridging corporates with community as he insists neither can exist without the other, Karl has spoken for corporates such as KPMG, Havas, and Wahanda to name a few. His life and much of his work remains rooted in his home community of south London, but he also has developed personal and professional relationships with people in positions of power, influence and international standing. In Karl’s words, he successfully bridges ‘both sides of the fence’.

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