Founder, Sumno Foods

Victoria Ommobuwajo

Victoria Ommobuwajo is the director and founder of Sunmo Foods is an African snack brand using 100% natural ingredients. Our first range is plantain crisps in unique flavours, such as Smoked Chilli and Sweet Cinnamon. Plantain is the cousin to the banana high in potassium, so a great source of Energy. Plantain is grown all over Africa, in the Caribbean and South America. Sunmo Foods is also creating more food pairings using nutritious African ingredients. Victoria is busy juggling being director, saleswoman, creative director and producer of Sunmo foods outsourcing design work and packaging. "My foster brother used to rush out the house in the mornings without eating breakfast, so finding ways to get my brother to eat became my main task. Early one morning I made a delicious smelling tropical breakfast, he rushed down the stairs and before heading out the door he enjoyed his warm breakfast. The pleasure and satisfaction in knowing my brother had a good nutritional start to the day are some of the best memories shared. This stemmed my passion for sharing delicious exotic foods with love”.

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