Founder , The Successful Failure

Moses Sangobiyi

I am a social entrepreneur who is passionate about learning from failure and understanding how it can be used as a catalyst for growth. Growing up I lacked positive role models and was at risk of dropping out of education but was kept on track thanks to American Football. I spent 10 years committed to the sport, making sacrifices to achieve my goal of reaching the NFL. In 2014 I received the opportunity to take part in trials. My world came crashing down when I wasn't selected for the next round. I shed tears and had no idea how to tell my friends and family. I HAD FAILED! it was the toughest lesson of my life! Determined to bounce back and use skills I’d picked up in another way, I was delighted when Chelsea FC asked me to lead one of their community programmes. I had no idea the skills learnt through the sport could be transferred and used effectively. The programme was a huge success and led to further mentoring work nationwide with Premier League clubs. In 2014 I set up and ran a mentoring programme for disadvantaged young people, we have gone on to deliver work in the UK and South Africa, providing support to 150+ young people. Then it hit me; none of this success would be possible if it wasn’t for the failure of American Football. So here we are now; The Successful Failure, a platform set out to challenge societies perception of failure, through workshops, online content and events. Failure doesn’t need to be the end of the journey, why not let it be the start……..

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