Founder , The-Bias-Cut

Jacynth Bassett

"Jacynth founded - The Shopping Destination for Contemporary Elegance with Attitude - after growing frustrated and saddened at seeing stylish 50+ women, like her mum, feeling invisible in the eyes of the Fashion Industry. So, determined to cut through ageism within the industry once and for all, she began developing the multi-label online and pop-up boutique after graduating from studying Law at Cambridge in 2013. After starting a successful blog last year, she officially launched the boutique in March 2016, with style, quality and flattering designs at its heart. And through an all-round empowering and celebratory shopping experience, customers can find their perfect pieces from curated collections by some of today's most talented contemporary labels. Ultimately every woman can - and deserves to - look stylish, and is here to prove that."

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