Founder , The Pomba Girls

Emma Symes

Emma Symes: Founder of the Pomba Girls: Female performance collective who host parties and create immersive theatre experiences for events. I spent the past 10 years training/ working as a performer and event producer between London and Rio de Janeiro. Inspired by what I had experienced immersing myself in the world of Rio’s Carnival, street culture and festive rituals I set out to produce events in London that use live performance to enable guests to:“Come Together, Transform and Unleash!” In order to make this happen I united a team of London based performance makers, costumiers, photographers, and fellow producers to host performance fueled parties in London. Our name - “Pomba Girls” hails from female party icon the “Pomba Gira” an empowered festive spirit with roots in the rituals of Afro-Brazilian religion - Umbanda. Following the success of our nights we went on to develop a range of services geared around the events market including: Party Hosting, Dress Up activities - eg Photo Shoot Pop-Up, Costume Workshops, Dance Performances, DJ / Live Music. A core Pomba Girls mission is to enable female performers to have the means to produce live performance by discovering how we can “sell” it to businesses. As I continue to examine market trends such as performance driven brand experiences that could offer lucrative financial opportunities I feel ever more confident that I can succeed and very grateful for platforms like StartUp Kitchen who are willing to support me along the way.

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