, Cosmicover

Elizabeth Adeyelu

At Cosmicover I design mobile accessories with the use of gemstones and minerals. The aim is is to create beautiful covers that can also protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation emmited by our mobile devices. I've been obsessed with crystals for many years after finding out about thier healing properties roughly 10 years ago.I walked into a crystal shop in Richmond and told the owners I needed something to calm me down as I was feeling very distressed, even though at that point I had no idea what a healing crystal was. Since then, I have studied and researched crystals tirelessly. A few years ago, I started to make artwork using crystals and minerals after discovering about thier use in Feng shui applications. I thought that thier beauty could be applied in space through art. I felt as though I was using them to communicate rather than as a still carved object. (which is great too!) I was sure that I wanted to create something in order to bring in some income but also be useful to the world. The artwork was great, but not consistent. I started thinking of different things I could create. I had a lot of ideas, a food startup, clothing, even tech, but one night I just had this idea to cover my phone in crystals as I had just gotten a new phone. I was thinking of how I could protect myself from electromagnetic smog. With my old phone I had a stone concealed in the cover but with this I didn't have a cover for it. I happened to have some stones leftover from a piece of art I had made so I glued them to the back of my phone. I recieved a couple of compliments, which then lead to me thinking about creating crystal covered covers more seriously.

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