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Where young entrepreneurs pair with proven successful entrepreneurs, advisors and business experts for 1-1 mentoring and masterclasses.

Thursday 11th February

14:00PM - 17:00PM

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February 2016

Love is in the air with Valentine's Day only a few days away. We'd love it if you'd join us at our February session and talk to our mentors about your business, your challenges and your goals for the company. It's a date.

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What is The Startup Kitchen?

A chance for you (and your team) to sit around the kitchen table at BL_NK in Shoreditch with some of the most experienced and talented entrepreneurs, investors and advisors operating today - all willing to give you the most valuable asset they own: their time.

Whats on offer?

  • Master-classes run by world class entrepreneurs and rooted in first-hand experience, focusing on every aspect of your business from funding all the way through to marketing.
  • The sharing of real insights in the hope of giving Hackney's next round of innovative businesses a head start.
  • One-on one time with the entrepreneurs, Albion and industry experts to focus solely on your business and any challenges you may need help with.
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